Customised Lofts

customisedloftsA fully customised loft differs to other lofts because Wayne has interpreted and created the ultimate environment that benefits the health and well being of the pigeons. He has created this envirnoment by using a pitched roof and creating a passive ventilation system so that each section has it’s own environment, so as the birds breathe out at night time the air rises to the ceiling and it has a hood in each section with a tube running out through the roof with a chinamans hat on top of it, no fans, therefore you don’t get any draughts.

The problem is when you close a loft up is that you interfere with the air flow and if there are too many pigeons in the loft then they tend to start breathing in their own carbon monoxide and its the amount of air that they breathe out and it works it way out through the ceiling and normally you leave the bottom vent slightly open so that the fresh air comes in, so pigeons can sit there at night time and their lovely and warm and so there is not a lot of problem with the amount of air that is coming in and going out.

The ventilation system at the rear top and bottom can be opened and closed to suit the conditions of the day. Summertime you can normally keep it wide open so as to get as much air in as possible, but in the wintertime you tend to keep it closed during the night time and open during the day, depending on how warm the day is.

A customised loft has a corridor across the front which has doors that fold back to form a walk through corridor. You can open and close each section. Then you have individual sections that house the Perches which measure 1350mm wide and 1200 deep. Each Perch section has an individual dowelled door that can be closed off individually.

At the front of the loft there is a garden box window where the birds can sit out and sun themselves, 300mm wide and the pigeons love it. It also tends to make the pigeons quiet and content because your walking past them at a good height.

The hooded water dishes are built in and sit on wire so that there is no mould or moss build up. Any spillages of water just fall straight through onto the ground..

It has a trapping section, a small section at the rear of it, which is where the birds enter and are timed via the pad and there are no bobs at the back so the birds go straight through it. They drop down into a section at the back and then they can go either side, whichever side you want them to go into.
Prices vary according to your requirements so please contact us for a quote.