Perches and Accessories

europerchesEuro Perches

The latest ergonomically designed perches from Europe. The pigeon sits in it’s own little cosy environment and the droppings fall to the rear.

Made of plywood, each perch compartment measures 275mm wide x 270mm deep, the bird sits in its own little compartment and can basically sit there and not see another pigeon. They sit on a small piece of curved timber which is an ergonomically designed shape. It is rounded on the top so that the bird’s natural curved foot fits the curve of the timber. The birds droppings are able to drop down the back onto a sloped piece of plywood at the base. This means that the droppings don’t soil the bird below because they fall straight to the floor. It is also very hard for the bird to turn around on it’s perch because of it’s unique design. The perches need very little scrapping and cleaning which means more time for you to train your birds. Each Section is made up of 5 and that can be added to in increments. They can’t be made any smaller because of the unique design.

Price (incl GST per section of  5 $32

DSC00898Standard Box Perches

The perches are made from dressed radiata pine 280mm wide x 260mm high x 90mm deep and are made up in lots of 5 high, with each increment by 5 eg, 10, 15, 20. Price for a Standard Box set of 5 $14

Easy Clean Box Perches

Very similar to the standard Box Perch except that the division between each perch is a gap, that allows you to clean the entire length of the set of perches.  So when you clean them, you just have to scrap from one side to the other and you don’t have to clean each individual section. A real time saver.
Price for a Easy Clean Box set of 5 $16

Customised Perches

We can make to any specified size out of any timber as requested and priced will be according to requirements or shape. The Perches are normally custom-made for fancy breeders, Fancy Pigeons or any aother sized bird. Smaller perches 200mm x 200mm etc
Price on Application

Kit Boxes

For the Roller and Tumbler bird breeders. Boxes 1000mm x 1000mm or a customised purpose built box.

Price on Application

Hooded Water Holders

Water dishes are designed to fit on to your existing loft with a colourbond exterior hood over them to protect them from the sunlight and other birds. These have been designed to take a  standard size pyrex dish. Price excludes glass dish but may be included if requested. They can also be made larger and a POA

Price for a Standard size  $85

Dowel Doors

These doors are made to order with a pine framework and dowel infills. Partition doors customised at 1800mm x 660mm with hinges and locking system. Price on Application