Race Lofts

This loft was specifically designed to ensure that the birds would want to rush home after being released, because after a long race, it has a cosy and warm environment to come home to.

A Standard race compartment measures 1350mm wide by 1800mm deep and holds approximately 40 perches per section. The ideal loft would be constructed with a minimum of 2 compartments and a trapping section.This loft is capable of housing about 80 birds.


The external wall and roof are constrcuted of “Colourbond” sheeting, of a colour of the flyers own choosing from the standard “Colourbond” range. A gutter is installed which may be connected to the stormwater . The front of the loft is made from 25mm x 25mm welded mesh wire, with provision for external hooded water troughs. The loft is raised off the ground about 300mm on brick piers.

Internally, the loft walls and ceiling are lined with hardiflex fibre cement. The floor is particle board flooring and the landing board at the front consists of treated pine decking. The loft has dowel partitioned doors for ease of use. There is an air vent at the top rear for straight ventilation.

The loft may be configured to have a trapping compartment and with the landing board moved forward so the the birds fly straight through the rear and then they can go either side into their compartments.

Provision is made for a light in each compartment and one power point for the electronic timing system. A qualified electrician would be required to connect to a power source or alternatively an extension lead can be plugged into a caravan point placed externally onto the loft.