Stock Lofts

This loft is designed off a European Loft and is raised off the ground. It has a timber grid floor in the fly our part, without without a landing unlike the Race loft. The birds molt very well in it as they feel very safe and secure.

The standard loft measures 3600mm x 2400mm and are able to be built bigger, but normally they are built as a “double” at 3600mm x 4800mm. You are able to choose.

The roof and external walls are constructed of “Colourbond” sheeting with gutters connected to the back and may be connected to the stormwater. The front of the loft is made from 25mm x 25mm welded mesh wire, with provision for 2 external hooded water troughs. The loft is raised off the ground about 300mm on brick piers.

The Stock Loft has nest boxes installed, 8 in each section.